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01017 Discrete Mathematics E23
01018 Discrete mathematics 2: algebra E23
01019 Discrete Mathematics E23
01025 Advanced Mathematics 2 for Mathematics and Technology E23
01034 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 2 E23
01035 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 2 E23
01237 Differential geometry and parametric design E23
01415 Computational Discrete Mathematics E23
01418 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations E23
01426 Cryptology 2 E23
01527 Graph Theory II E23
01617 Introduction to Dynamical Systems E23
01715 Functional Analysis E23
01901 Calculus and algebra 1 E23
01904 Discrete mathematics E23
01920 Calculus and Algebra 2 E23
02002 Computer Programming (Polytechnical Foundation) E23
02003 Computer Programming (Polytechnical Foundation) E23
02100 Introductory Programming and Software Technology E23
02110 Algorithms and Data Structures 2 E23
02132 Computer Systems E23
02138 Digital Electronics 1 E23
02155 Computer Architecture and Engineering E23
02156 Logical Systems and Logic Programming E23
02157 Functional Programming E23
02158 Concurrent Programming E23
02159 Operating Systems E23
02162 Software Engineering 2 E23
02203 Design of Digital Systems E23
02209 Test of Digital Systems E23
02226 Networked Embedded Systems E23
02232 Applied Cryptography E23
02234 Current Topics in System Security E23
02239 Data Security E23
02242 Program Analysis E23
02245 Program Verification E23
02246 Model Checking E23
02249 Computationally Hard Problems E23
02258 Parallel Computer Systems E23
02263 Formal Aspects of Software Engineering E23
02269 Process Mining E23
02287 Logical Theories for Uncertainty and Learning E23
02289 Algorithmic Techniques for Modern Data Models E23
02314 Introductory Programming E23
02318 Elementary Programming for Diplom-E E23
02321 Hardware/Software Programming E23
02323 Introduction to Statistics E23
02332 Compiler Construction E23
02335 Operating Systems E23
02369 Software Processes and Patterns E23
02393 Programming in C++ E23
02402 Statistics (Polytechnical Foundation) E23
02405 Probability theory E23
02407 Stochastic Processes - Probability 2 E23
02409 Multivariate Statistics E23
02411 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments E23
02413 Statistical Quality Control E23
02418 Statistical modelling: Theory and practice E23
02425 Diffusions and stochastic differential equations E23
02427 Advanced Time Series Analysis E23
02429 Analysis of correlated data: Mixed linear models E23
02450 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining E23
02455 Experiment in Cognitive Science E23
02456 Deep learning E23
02458 Cognitive Modelling E23
02461 Introduction to Intelligent Systems E23
02471 Machine learning for signal processing E23
02492 Digital Learning Technology and Entrepreneurship E23
02502 Image analysis E23
02525 Introduction to Mathematics and Technology E23
02561 Computer Graphics E23
02562 Rendering - Introduction E23
02586 Statistical Genetics E23
02601 Introduction to Numerical Algorithms E23
02610 Optimization and Data Fitting E23
02619 Model Predictive Control E23
02624 Inverse problems and Imaging E23
02635 Mathematical software programming E23
02689 Advanced Numerical Methods for Differential Equations E23
02805 Social graphs and interactions E23
02807 Computational Tools for Data Science E23
02809 UX Design Prototyping E23
02830 Advanced Project in Digital Media Engineering E23
10020 Physics 1 E23
10022 Physics 1 E23
10024 Physics 1 E23
10031 Introduction to Engineering Physics E23
10033 Mechanics and Physical Modeling E23
10036 Electromagnetism for physicists E23
10041 Physics 2 - General Engineering E23
10050 Model Physics E23
10112 Advanced Quantum Mechanics E23
10122 Statistical Physics E23
10200 The structure and dynamics of materials studied with X-rays and neutrons E23
10303 Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscale Materials Physics E23
10318 Many body methods in condensed matter physics E23
10321 Nanosystems engineering E23
10331 Experimental introduction to physics of sustainable energy E23
10333 Physics of Sustainable Energy E23
10337 Theoretical microfluidics E23
10339 Concepts in heterogeneous catalysis and applications to energy conversion E23
10400 Plasma Physics E23
10405 Theory of Relativity E23
10590 Illustration of scientific content related to catalysis E23
10610 History of Technology E23
10750 Innovation Projects at the Physics Department E23
10855 Advanced fabrication of micro- and nanostructures E23
10916 Physics 1 E23
10935 Physics 1 E23
12000 Water and environmental management E23
12100 Quantitative Sustainability (Polytechnical Foundation) E23
12102 Environmental Processes E23
12104 Environmental Modelling E23
12109 Physico-Chemical Water Treatment Technologies E23
12122 Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management E23
12130 Solid Waste Technology and Management E23
12134 Environmental Microbiology E23
12145 Terrestrial Ecology for Engineers E23
12228 Urban air pollution E23
12245 Water Pollution E23
12336 Groundwater Quality E23
12350 Introduction to Indoor Environment E23
12361 Ventilation and Climatic Systems E23
12362 Daylighting and Lighting E23
12410 Engineering Geology – an introductory course E23
12412 Basic Geotechnical Engineering E23
12421 Advanced Soil Mechanics E23
12430 Mineral resources E23
12431 Principles of Rock Mechanics E23
12451 Pavement Mechanics E23
12550 Statistical analysis in experimental material science E23
12552 Geotechnical engineering and civil engineering structures E23
12605 Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment in the Built Environment E23
12611 Heat and mass transfer in buildings E23
12701 Introduction to Living systems E23
12772 Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Systems E23
22000 Acoustic Communication E23
22001 Acoustic signal processing E23
22051 Signals and linear systems in discrete time E23
22061 Introduction to Digital Health E23
22100 R for Bio Data Science E23
22101 Introduction to programming in Life Science using Python E23
22111 Introduction to Bioinformatics E23
22112 High Performance Computing in Life Science E23
22140 Introduction to Systems Biology E23
22145 Immunological Bioinformatics E23
22160 R for Bio Data Science E23
22161 Introduction to programming in Life Science using Python, MSc E23
22180 Design-build in Life Science E23
22203 Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate a Healthcare Product E23
22208 Human Physiology E23
22210 Immune System in Health and Disease E23
22231 Module 1: From idea to project plan in biotech and pharmaceutical research E23
22237 Preclinical drug development E23
22285 Applied Biomaterials E23
22435 Biomedical product development E23
22438 Rapid Prototyping of analogue DC Sensor Systems E23
22481 Introduction to medical imaging E23
22485 Medical imaging systems E23
22525 Medical Image Analysis E23
22603 Light microscopy for life science E23
23101 Introduction to food production chains E23
23205 Fighting infectious diseases E23
23210 Predictive food microbiology and preservation E23
23260 Applied methods in metagenomics E23
23263 Advanced modeling of infectious diseases E23
23272 Risk analysis in food safety E23
23511 Food production engineering basics E23
23521 Hygienic design in the food industry E23
23711 Food technology E23
23732 Human nutrition E23
23901 Basic food analysis E23
23937 Chemical food analysis II E23
23952 Food technology E23
23953 Applied statistical process control and quality management E23
23963 Raw materials, hygiene and HACCP E23
23982 Chemical Risk Analysis E23
25106 Introduction to genetic methods in engineering E23
25210 Aquatic ecosystem management – for fisheries engineers E23
25302 Physical oceanography E23
25303 Mathematical biology E23
25311 Fisheries oceanography E23
25312 Fisheries systems – management and modelling E23
25317 Diseases and veterinary aspects related to aquaculture E23
25323 Topics in aquatic science and technology E23
25325 Marine ecosystems and climate change E23
25328 Mathematical models in ecology E23
25334 Genomic methods in breeding and management of aquatic living resources E23
25350 Introduction to aquatic ecosystems and their organisms E23
26001 General and inorganic chemistry E23
26020 Chemistry (Polytechnical Foundation) E23
26050 Chemistry for Life Science E23
26134 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry 3) E23
26171 General Chemistry E23
26173 Inorganic Chemistry E23
26222 Physical Chemistry 2 E23
26255 Molecular dynamics and machine learning E23
26411 Organic Chemistry 2 E23
26422 Biomolecular Chemistry E23
26433 Organic Chemistry 3 E23
26436 Pharmaceutical Drug Development E23
26438 NMR Spectroscopy E23
27002 Life Science E23
27020 Bioengineering (Polytechnical Foundation) E23
27026 Molecular biology E23
27062 Protein science: Structure, interactions and molecular properties E23
27230 Prokaryotic cell biology E23
27246 Applied enzyme technology and kinetics E23
27410 Computer-aided cell factory design E23
27423 Metabolomics and proteomics E23
27460 Synthetic biology E23
27665 LabChip: Design of Lab-on-a-chip systems E23
28010 Products and Processes - Introduction to Chemical Engineering E23
28012 Chemical and Biochemical Process Engineering E23
28016 Mathematical models for chemical and biochemical systems E23
28020 Introduction to Chemical and Biochemical Engineering E23
28022 Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology E23
28140 Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering E23
28150 Introduction to Process Control E23
28157 Process Design E23
28213 Polymer Technology E23
28233 Recovery and purification of biological products E23
28242 Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis E23
28244 Combustion and High Temperature Processes E23
28311 Chemical and Biochemical Product Design E23
28315 Applied Colloid and Surface Chemistry E23
28322 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics E23
28342 Chemical Reaction Engineering E23
28344 Biotechnology and process design E23
28352 Chemical Process Control E23
28420 Separation Processes E23
28455 Process adaptation in Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing E23
28485 Biobusiness and Process Innovation E23
28515 Enhanced oil recovery and carbon dioxide storage E23
28530 Transport Processes E23
28852 Risk Assessment in Chemical and Biochemical Industry E23
28857 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and quality in pharmaceutical, biotech and food industry - Practical version E23
28870 Energy and Sustainability E23
28872 Biorefinery E23
30015 Basic electronics for instrumentation E23
30032 Electrotechnics E23
30035 Engineering Electromagnetics E23
30081 Digital Engineering E23
30100 Engineering Practices - Earth and Space Physics and Engineering E23
30131 Geo- and Planetary Physics I E23
30202 Measurement Technologies in Earth and Space Physics E23
30230 Data Analysis and Modeling in Geoscience and Astrophysics E23
30300 Introduction to Satellite Systems E23
30330 Image Analysis with Microcomputer E23
30350 Remote Sensing E23
30400 Electromagnetics E23
30415 RF communication circuits E23
30430 Advanced antenna techniques and measurements E23
30720 Space Physics - Physics of the space environment E23
30755 Climate change - physics and observations E23
34021 Introduction to optics and photonics E23
34032 Optical properties of solids E23
34034 Lasers and photonic systems E23
34052 Nonlinear optics E23
34092 PhD Course - Nano-optics E23
34313 Introduction to Data Communication Networks E23
34365 IoT Prototyping E23
34366 Intelligent systems E23
34540 Light emitting diodes and photovoltaics for energy applications E23
34541 Entrepreneurship in photonics and communications E23
34600 Electric circuits 1 E23
34601 Electric circuits 2 E23
34630 Integrated analog electronics 1 E23
34652 Power Electronics 1 E23
34654 Circuit technology and EMC E23
34721 Linear control design 1 E23
34745 Linear control design 2 E23
34753 Robotics E23
34762 Introduction to Autonomous Systems E23
34791 PhD Course - Topics in advanced control E23
34840 Fundamentals of acoustics and noise control E23
34844 Building acoustics E23
34870 Electroacoustic transducers and systems E23
34880 Structure-borne sound E23
34895 PhD Course - Research topics in acoustic technology E23
38102 Technology Entrepreneurship E23
38105 Digital Trends for Entrepreneurs E23
38107 Business Design for Sustainability E23
38108 Technology and Innovation Management E23
41000 Mechanical engineering practice E23
41011 User-centered design E23
41012 Visual communication E23
41015 Mechanics and materials E23
41045 Thermodynamic Modelling E23
41051 Product life and environmental issues E23
41102 Hydraulics in pipes and open channels E23
41111 Hydrodynamics 2 E23
41117 Marine and Coastal Structures E23
41129 Turbulent flows E23
41201 Fundamentals of ships and other floating structures E23
41203 Structural mechanics E23
41216 Structural assessment of ships E23
41222 Wave loads on ships and offshore structures E23
41236 Structural mechanics E23
41275 Ship operations E23
41312 Basic fluid mechanics E23
41316 Advanced CFD E23
41320 Advanced fluid mechanics E23
41341 Ecocar E23
41347 Internal combustion engines - theory for the application of conventional and renewable fuels E23
41402 Simulation of thermal energy systems E23
41417 Digitalization of Thermal Energy Technologies – Modelling and Simulation Methods E23
41420 Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology E23
41422 Applied engineering thermodynamics E23
41451 Ventilation and Indoor Climate E23
41452 Basic Building Design with Regard to Indoor Environment, Services and Energy E23
41461 Building Integrated Photovoltaics E23
41462 Building Performance Simulation E23
41463 High performance buildings E23
41465 Computational Fluid Dynamics for Buildings E23
41467 Development of solar energy systems E23
41502 Strength of materials 2 E23
41515 Computational multibody dynamics E23
41516 Anisotropy and fibre composites E23
41524 Tribology of machine elements E23
41525 Finite Element Methods E23
41526 Fracture mechanics E23
41534 Dimensioning and strength 2 E23
41564 Dynamics and vibrations E23
41612 Product design and documentation E23
41619 Introduction to Production E23
41637 Mass Customization - application of product configuration E23
41653 Corrosion (theory and engineering) E23
41661 Metals technology E23
41662 Physical metallurgy E23
41681 Materials science E23
41686 Materials science E23
41690 Electron Microscopy and Analysis for Materials Research E23
41730 Industrial forming of metals E23
41733 Metallurgy, design and manufacturing of cast components E23
41740 Digital Manufacturing - Industry 4.0 E23
41747 Modelling in materials and manufacturing engineering - heat transfer and diffusion E23
41749 Precision Machining E23
41784 Process technology E23
41787 Production technology E23
41812 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis E23
41814 Heat transfer E23
41843 Project work on Vehicle dynamics E23
41903 Introduction to Civil Engineering E23
41911 Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) E23
41925 Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) E23
41928 Building Design E23
41929 Digital design tools E23
41931 Building Fire Safety E23
41933 Structural Fire Safety Design E23
41934 Advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) E23
41937 Structural design of precast concrete buildings E23
41938 Agile Prototyping E23
41941 Construction and architecture E23
41951 Structural Elements and their Function E23
41952 Timber Structures and execution E23
41955 Structural engineering 3: Frame and Plate Structures E23
41957 Steel Structures E23
41958 Computational Structural Modelling 1: The Finite Element Method E23
41961 Computational Structural Modelling 2: Non-linear Finite Element Method E23
41963 Advanced Concrete Structures E23
41967 Seismic and Wind Engineering E23
41968 Bridge Structures E23
42009 Introductory Economics E23
42015 Energy Economics E23
42101 Introduction to Operations Research E23
42114 Integer Programming E23
42115 Network Optimization E23
42117 Transport Optimization E23
42178 Transport system analysis - demand and planning E23
42382 Industry 4.0 in Operations Management E23
42402 Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management (O&SCM) E23
42421 Management and Organization E23
42577 Introduction to Business Analytics E23
42580 Engineering work - Data Science and Management E23
42587 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management E23
42879 Decision Support and Strategic Assessment E23
42893 Psychology for engineers E23
42973 Planning and modelling of infrastructure E23
46015 Digital energy societies E23
46030 Electrical energy systems E23
46100 Introduction to Micrometeorology for Wind Energy E23
46115 Turbulence modeling E23
46205 Feasibility studies of energy projects E23
46211 Offshore Wind Energy E23
46300 Wind Turbine Technology and Aerodynamics E23
46320 Loads, Aerodynamics and Control of Wind Turbines E23
46400 Wind Turbine Measurement Technique E23
46420 Composite Materials and Fibres E23
46500 Probabilistic Methods in Wind Energy E23
46550 Offshore wind grid connection and high-voltage DC (HVDC) transmission E23
46700 Introduction to Electric Power Systems E23
46710 Stability and control in electric power systems E23
46715 Transients in power systems E23
46735 Wind, solar and energy storage electrical drive trains E23
46745 Integration of wind power in the power system E23
46750 Optimization in modern power systems E23
46765 Machine learning for energy systems E23
47202 Introduction to future energy E23
47209 3D imaging, analysis and modelling E23
47211 Electrochemical energy storage and Power2X E23
47212 Computer simulation of materials E23
47317 Exergy analysis E23
47330 Energy storage and conversion E23
47333 Electron microscopy for materials science E23
47338 Organic energy materials E23
47339 Solid state and structural chemistry E23
47513 PhD course in modern energy research E23
62000 Managerial Economics E23
62001 Innovation, Design and Process Facilitation E23
62008 Product development - The stages and processes of product development E23
62009 Materials Science E23
62030 From idea to checkout (3rd semester PI-project) E23
62074 Project Management - Tools and practical management E23
62079 Introduction to Operations Management E23
62087 Statics and thermodynamics E23
62096 IT in production E23
62101 Operations Management and LEAN E23
62104 Automation in Manufacturing E23
62107 Quality management and GMP E23
62108 Crossfunctional development of technology and manufacturing E23
62111 Industry 4.0 in practice E23
62118 Organisation and Management E23
62119 Scientific Theory and Manufacturing Engineering Methods E23
62120 Manufacturing and Business development (project no. 4) E23
62133 Supply Chain Management & Design E23
62145 Documentation of Products E23
62168 Basic Mathematics 1 E23
62174 Managerial Economics 2 E23
62177 Marketing Concepts and Strategies E23
62186 German - Civics and Culture 2 F19
62198 Economics for engineers E23
62199 Road design and traffic safety E23
62202 Life Cycle Assessment E23
62210 Project leadership - Leadership, Flow and Impact E23
62211 Business Science and Technology Management E23
62218 Basic Science E23
62223 Managerial Economics 1 E23
62224 The English-Speaking World and Academic Writing in English E23
62234 Industrial Programming E23
62235 International Business Environments and Operations E23
62263 Concrete Structures E23
62265 Traffic and roads in urban areas E23
62268 Soil and Groundwater Pollution E23
62269 Building and Infrastructure Project 1 E23
62271 Building Energy & heating systems E23
62272 Project based production: Planning and control of construction projects E23
62276 Road and railway design E23
62277 Water and climate adaption E23
62279 Building and Infrastructure Project 2 E23
62281 Building renewal with focus on energy and mechanical installations E23
62282 Building renewal with focus on structures E23
62319 House building E23
62328 Civil Infrastructure Engineering E23
62331 Basic Statics E23
62389 Climate adaption and cloud burst for Run off Water E23
62413 Advanced object oriented programming using C# and .NET E23
62422 Bio-medical electronics 1 E23
62426 Cyber defence and legal aspects E23
62428 Secure implementation of systems E23
62525 Digital Signal Processing. E23
62531 Development Methods for IT Systems E23
62532 Version control and test methods E23
62550 User experience and mobile application development E23
62589 Business Intelligence E23
62601 Thermodynamics and Mechanics for Electrical Engineers E23
62614 Advanced Engineering Dynamics E23
62623 Sustainability, mobility, and society E23
62637 Advanced analytics for mobility and transport E23
62643 Mechanical Vibrations E23
62657 Fluid Mechanics E23
62669 Statistical Analysis and Data vizualisation E23
62675 Mechanics E23
62677 Applied Control Engineering E23
62694 Dynamics E23
62735 Advanced Mathematics for diploma Electro Technology E23
62743 Digital Signal Processing E23
62752 Measurement and control using microprocessors E23
62753 Digital electronic E23
62755 Power Electronics E23
62760 Power Engineering 1 E23
62762 Electric Power Technology E23
62763 Electrotechnique 1 E23
62770 Applied electrical engineering E23
62773 Electrophysics 1 E23
62908 Humans in interaction with technology E23
62999 Innovation Pilot E23
62T04 Web Technologies E23
62T26 Development Methods and Development Processes E23
63850 Sustainable Business in the pharmaceutical industry on emerging markets and developing countries - Access to health care E23
63860 System and Network Security E23