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01020 Advanced Linear Algebra F23
01035 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 2 F23
01125 Fundamental topological concepts and metric spaces F23
01227 Graph Theory F23
01325 Function spaces and mathematical analysis F23
01405 Algebraic Error-Correcting Codes F23
01410 Cryptology 1 F23
01621 Advanced Dynamical Systems: Global Theory F23
01622 Advanced Dynamical Systems: Applications in Science and Engineering F23
01666 Project work - Bachelor of Mathematics and Technology F23
01716 Advanced Topics in Applied Functional Analysis F23
01901 Calculus and algebra 1 F23
01920 Calculus and Algebra 2 F23
02102 Introductory Programming F23
02105 Algorithms and Data Structures 1 F23
02135 Introduction to Cyber Systems F23
02139 Digital Electronics 2 F23
02141 Computer Science Modelling F23
02160 Agile Object-oriented Software Development F23
02161 Software Engineering 1 F23
02170 Database Systems F23
02180 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence F23
02192 Computer Security Incident Response F23
02204 Design of Asynchronous Circuits F23
02205 VLSI Design F23
02211 Advanced Computer Architecture F23
02221 Foundations of Distributed Systems F23
02224 Modelling and Analysis of Real-Time Systems F23
02233 Network Security F23
02244 Logic for Security F23
02247 Compiler Construction F23
02255 Modern Cryptology F23
02256 Automated Reasoning F23
02268 Process-oriented and Event-driven Software Systems F23
02282 Algorithms for Massive Data Sets F23
02285 Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems F23
02291 System Integration F23
02318 Elementary Programming for Diplom-E F23
02320 Digital Systems F23
02322 Machine oriented programming F23
02323 Introduction to Statistics F23
02324 Advanced Programming F23
02326 Algorithms and Data Structures F23
02327 Introductory Databases and Database Programming F23
02346 Distributed and Parallel Systems F23
02362 Project in Software Development F23
02363 Front End Web Technology F23
02402 Introduction to Statistics F23
02411 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments F23
02417 Time Series Analysis F23
02421 Stochastic Adaptive Control F23
02424 Advanced Dataanalysis and Statistical Modelling F23
02435 Decision-Making Under Uncertainty F23
02450 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining F23
02462 Signals and data F23
02463 Active machine learning and agency. F23
02464 Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition F23
02465 Introduction to reinforcement learning and control F23
02466 Project work - Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence and Data F23
02467 Computational Social Science F23
02477 Bayesian machine learning F23
02502 Image analysis F23
02504 Computer Vision F23
02506 Advanced Image Analysis F23
02509 High-Performance Computing for Analysis of Experimental 3D Imaging Data F23
02510 Deep Learning for Experimental 3D Image Analysis F23
02526 Mathematical Modeling F23
02563 Generative Methods for Computer Graphics F23
02566 Creating Digital Visual Experiences F23
02580 Geometric Data Analysis and Processing F23
02582 Computational Data Analysis F23
02601 Introduction to Numerical Algorithms F23
02612 Constrained Optimization F23
02616 Large-scale Modelling F23
02631 Introduction to programming and data processing F23
02686 Scientific computing for differential equations F23
02687 Scientific Computing for ordinary and partial differential equations F23
02806 Social data analysis and visualization F23
02808 Personal Data Interaction for Mobile and Wearables F23
10018 Physics 1 F23
10020 Physics 1 F23
10022 Physics 1 F23
10024 Physics 1 F23
10031 Introduction to Physics and Nanotechnology F23
10034 Thermodynamics and statistical physics F23
10050 Model Physics F23
10054 Model Physics F23
10102 Quantum Mechanics F23
10104 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics F23
10260 Physics of solar energy and energy storage F23
10302 Electronic Structure Methods in Material Physics, Chemistry and Biology F23
10303 Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscale Materials Physics F23
10304 Experimental Surface Physics F23
10314 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials F23
10315 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials - with project F23
10346 Continuum Physics F23
10384 Quantum information F23
10401 Experimental plasma physics F23
10411 Nuclear reactor physics F23
10521 Physics and technology of two-dimensional materials F23
10850 Advanced micro- and nanofabrication technology F23
10916 Physics 1 F23
12110 Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery F23
12121 Water Supply F23
12143 Bioresources F23
12203 Environmental project work F23
12205 Climate change – impacts, mitigation and adaptation F23
12227 Regional and global air pollution effects F23
12237 Chemicals in the environment F23
12238 Priority Organic Pollutants - Transport, Distribution and Transformation F23
12320 Hydrology F23
12330 Contaminated Sites F23
12345 Observation, Modeling and Management of Water Systems F23
12360 Indoor Climate F23
12411 Basic Soil Mechanics F23
12422 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering F23
12442 Borehole geophysics F23
12452 Railway Design and Maintenance F23
12550 Statistical analysis in experimental material science F23
12551 Material science F23
12552 Geotechnical engineering and civil engineering structures F23
12601 Thermal Building Physics F23
12603 Materials Science for Civil Engineers F23
12701 Introduction to Living systems F23
12773 Advanced life-cycle assessment F23
22003 Auditory signal processing and perception F23
22050 Continuous time signals and linear systems F23
22052 Applied signal processing F23
22056 Personal portable health technologies F23
22113 Unix & Python Programming for Bioinformaticians F23
22115 Computational Molecular Evolution F23
22117 Protein structure and computational biology F23
22201 Immune System, Anatomy & Development F23
22202 Molecular diagnostics and precision medicine F23
22230 Development and production of vaccines F23
22235 Drug delivery F23
22236 Immunotherapy F23
22281 Biomaterials F23
22284 Living models of body barriers and organs F23
22437 Rapid Prototyping of AC Sensor Systems using Arduino Technology F23
22506 Medical magnetic resonance imaging F23
22602 Visualisation of micro and nano structures F23
23102 Food safety in production chains F23
23211 Producing new sustainable food ingredients - processes and utilizations F23
23256 Epidemiology - an introduction F23
23257 Compositional data analysis with applications in genomics F23
23258 General medical microbiology F23
23261 Surveillance and epidemiology of infectious diseases F23
23262 Infectious disease bioinformatics F23
23302 Food chemistry F23
23520 Food process design F23
23932 Biological chemistry F23
25104 An introduction to ocean science and technology F23
25105 Ecology F23
25107 Fisheries and aquaculture F23
25314 Computational marine ecological modelling F23
25323 Topics in aquatic science and technology F23
25333 Aquatic Systems Engineering F23
26000 General Chemistry F23
26027 Fundamental Chemistry F23
26124 Coordination Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry 2) F23
26201 Physical Chemistry 1 F23
26211 Biophysics and biophysical chemistry F23
26231 Physical Chemistry 3 F23
26271 Physical Chemistry F23
26317 Instrumental chemical analysis F23
26400 Organic Chemistry 1 F23
26426 Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry F23
26428 Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds F23
26444 Organic Chemistry 4 F23
26446 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry F23
26471 Organic Chemistry F23
26510 Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry F23
26980 Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis F23
27008 Life Science F23
27020 Interdisciplinary bioengineering F23
27022 Biochemistry F23
27024 Life science exercises and data analysis I: Biochemistry F23
27034 Fermentation technology F23
27051 Diversity and application of microorganisms F23
27070 Immunology F23
27220 Advanced prokaryotic biotechnology F23
27325 Advanced protein structure engineering and analysis F23
27330 Quantitative analysis and modeling in protein science F23
27422 Biosynthesis of natural products F23
27455 Microbial adaptation to industrial processes F23
27510 Biosensors and bioanalysis F23
28016 Mathematical models for chemical and biochemical systems F23
28020 Introduction to Chemical and Biochemical Engineering F23
28022 Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology F23
28025 Bio Process Technology F23
28157 Process Design F23
28160 Mathematical models in chemical engineering F23
28212 Polymer Chemistry F23
28216 Organic Coatings Science and Technology F23
28221 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics F23
28322 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics F23
28342 Chemical Reaction Engineering F23
28344 Biotechnology and process design F23
28345 Industrial BioReaction Engineering F23
28350 Process Design: Principles and Methods F23
28352 Chemical Process Control F23
28361 Chemical engineering model analysis F23
28415 Oil and gas production F23
28423 Phase Equilibria for non-ideal mixtures F23
28451 Optimising Plantwide Control F23
28850 Pharmaceutical Process Development F23
28855 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and quality in pharmaceutical, biotech and food industry - Theoretical version F23
28871 Production of Biofuels F23
28885 Technology and Economy in Oil and Gas Production F23
30020 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation F23
30032 Electrotechnics F23
30081 Digital Engineering F23
30120 Astrophysics F23
30142 Geo- and Planetary Physics ll F23
30150 Mathematical and Numerical Methods in solid Earth Physics F23
30160 Continuous and Discrete Time Signals F23
30310 Space Systems Engineering F23
30340 Radar and Radiometer Systems F23
30405 Wireless communications F23
30420 Advanced microwave techniques F23
30428 Advanced electromagnetics F23
30530 Introduction to GIS F23
30554 Global Navigation Satellite Systems F23
30760 Inverse Problems and Machine Learning in Earth and Space Physics F23
34020 Optics and photonics F23
34031 Applied mathematics for physicists F23
34315 Internet of things – application and infrastructure implementation F23
34324 Analogue design F23
34346 Networking technologies and application development for Internet of Things (IoT) F23
34430 Introduction to biophotonics F23
34552 Photovoltaic systems F23
34601 Electric circuits 2 F23
34620 Basic power electronics in energy systems F23
34655 Integrated analog electronics 2 F23
34720 Introductory project - Electrotechnology F23
34721 Linear control design 1 F23
34722 Linear control design 1 F23
34746 Robust and fault-tolerant control F23
34748 Modelling for operation of complex industrial plants F23
34749 Playware technology - programming app control of playful embedded system F23
34755 Building dependable robot systems F23
34756 Advanced autonomous robots F23
34759 Perception for Autonomous Systems F23
34760 Safety and Reliability in Robotic and Automation Systems F23
34850 Architectural acoustics F23
34860 Advanced acoustics F23
38104 Entrepreneurial Finance F23
38109 X-Tech+ F23
41020 Product analysis and redesign F23
41028 Design of mechatronic systems 1 F23
41061 Arenas and Concepts F23
41083 Technology platforms and architectures F23
41107 Marine and ocean engineering F23
41126 Fluvial and marine sediment transport F23
41203 Structural mechanics F23
41226 Advanced Wave Hydrodynamics F23
41236 Structural mechanics F23
41237 Dynamics of structures: theory and analysis F23
41271 Ship design F23
41312 Basic fluid mechanics F23
41317 Computational Fluid Dynamics F23
41321 Complex flows F23
41341 Ecocar F23
41346 Internal combustion engines - experimental methods and data processing F23
41401 Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics F23
41416 Energy systems - analysis, design and optimization F23
41418 Green fuels and power-to-x F23
41451 Ventilation and Indoor Climate F23
41452 Basic Building Design with Regard to Indoor Environment, Services and Energy 1 F23
41458 Technical Building Services F23
41464 Solar Heating Systems F23
41466 Sustainable heating and cooling of buildings F23
41468 Sustainable District Heating F23
41501 Strength of materials 1 F23
41511 Machine elements - basics F23
41512 Power transmitting machine elements - design and optimization F23
41514 Dynamics of machinery F23
41517 Stiffened plates and sandwich constructions F23
41522 Advanced dynamics and vibrations F23
41528 Advanced mechanics of materials F23
41533 Dimensioning and strength 1 F23
41534 Dimensioning and strength 2 F23
41561 Structural optimization F23
41563 Fluid Power & Motion Control F23
41615 Mechanical CAD F23
41635 Robust design of products and mechanisms F23
41656 Materials in advanced applications and products F23
41658 Methods for experimental materials characterization F23
41659 Materials science for mechanical engineers F23
41669 Advanced surface engineering F23
41680 Introduction to advanced materials F23
41684 Materials technology F23
41685 Materials characterization and testing F23
41686 Materials science F23
41687 Exercises in Materials Science F23
41689 Corrosion and materials under demanding conditions F23
41691 Ph.D. course on application of x-ray diffraction in materials science F23
41714 Manufacturing technology and operations management Jan 23
41734 Geometrical metrology and machine testing F23
41737 Design of plastic products F23
41748 Modelling in materials and manufacturing engineering - thermomechanics F23
41784 Process technology F23
41787 Production technology F23
41789 Introduction to 3D printing: processes and theory F23
41801 Project work F23
41813 Finite Element Methods for sound and vibrations F23
41860 Design of energy plants F23
41905 Project work - Bachelor in Building Technology F23
41906 Project work - Architectural Engineering F23
41912 Building Information Modeling (BIM) F23
41913 Theory and Practice of Architectural Engineering 1 F23
41916 Context of Architectural Engineering 2 F23
41917 Sustainable building design F23
41918 Optimization, resources and environment F23
41927 Building Information Modeling (BIM) F23
41928 Building Design F23
41932 Fire dynamics F23
41935 Super-light structures F23
41936 Advanced Building Design F23
41954 Structural engineering 2 F23
41956 Concrete Structures F23
41962 Computational structural modelling 3: Plasticity F23
41964 Advanced Steel Structures F23
41965 Wood Structures F23
41969 Probabilistic Modelling in Civil Engineering F23
42014 Environmental and Resource Economics F23
42022 Design Thinking and sociotechnical systems F23
42042 Participatory Systems Design F23
42090 Holistic Design of Engineering Systems F23
42101 Introduction to Operations Research F23
42108 Advanced Financial Engineering F23
42136 Large Scale Optimization using Decomposition F23
42137 Optimization using metaheuristics F23
42180 Quantitative modelling of behaviour F23
42186 Model-based machine learning F23
42187 Transport System Analysis: Performance and Operations F23
42380 Supply Chain Analytics F23
42381 Sustainable Freight and Transport Logistics F23
42433 Advanced Engineering Project, Program and Portfolio Management F23
42576 From Analytics to Action F23
42578 Advanced Business Analytics F23
42584 Project work - Data Science and Management F23
42586 Decisions under uncertainty F23
42588 Data and data science F23
42610 Theory of Science in Engineering F23
46000 Introduction to Wind Energy F23
46020 Design project: Energy conversion and storage F23
46040 Introduction to energy analytics F23
46055 General electrical engineering F23
46110 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics F23
46215 Socio-technical dimensions of Renewable Energy F23
46230 Power system balancing with large scale wind power F23
46310 Wind Turbine Aeroelasticity F23
46411 Design of large composite structures F23
46600 Aeroacoustics F23
46705 Power grid analysis and protection F23
46720 High voltage engineering F23
46725 Electrical machines F23
46730 High power electronics F23
46740 Distributed energy technologies, modelling and control F23
46755 Renewables in electricity markets F23
46910 Advanced Finite Element Simulations Using Abaqus F23
47201 Engineering thermodynamics F23
47202 Introduction to future energy F23
47205 Electrochemical energy technologies F23
47210 Introduction to modelling and design of energy materials F23
47301 Hydrogen energy and fuel cells F23
47304 Ceramic science and engineering F23
47305 Electrochemistry F23
47319 Functional materials F23
47325 Large-scale superconductor technologies F23
47334 Carbon capture, utilization and storage F23
62008 Product development - The stages and processes of product development F23
62009 Materials Science F23
62014 Green Entrepreneurship F23
62019 Interaction Design F23
62033 Technology and Marketing F23
62041 Innovation in an Organizational Context F23
62046 Physical Computing F23
62051 Product development - tools and design strategies F23
62074 Project Management - Tools and practical management F23
62079 Introduction to Operations Management F23
62087 Statics and thermodynamics F23
62094 Introduction to Managerial Economics and Capital Expenditures F23
62096 IT in production F23
62101 Operations Management and LEAN F23
62103 Managerial Economics and Basic Accounts Analysis F23
62104 Automation in Manufacturing F23
62107 Quality management and GMP F23
62108 Crossfunctional development of technology and manufacturing (Project 3) F23
62118 Organisation and Management F23
62119 Scientific Theory and Manufacturing Engineering Methods F23
62120 Manufacturing and Business development (project no. 4) F23
62122 Business Law F23
62133 Supply Chain Management & Design F23
62134 Strategic Analysis and Development F23
62139 Advanced Financial Management F23
62142 Digitalization and Industry 4.0 F23
62186 German - Civics and Culture 2 F19
62194 Programming F23
62198 Economics for engineers F23
62205 Environmental science and products F23
62210 Project leadership - Leadership, Flow and Impact F23
62211 Business Science and Technology Management F23
62213 Managerial economics and project management F23
62215 International investment and finance (business case), project leadership, and business law F23
62223 Managerial Economics 1 F23
62225 English 2 - English in a Global Context and Academic Writing 2 F23
62229 IT Business F23
62231 Intercultural business communication F23
62232 International Business F23
62233 Macroeconomics F23
62239 Sustainable Business Development F23
62261 HVAC F23
62265 Traffic and roads in urban areas F23
62267 SMART Energy Supply F23
62268 Soil and Groundwater Pollution F23
62269 Building and Infrastructure Project 1 F23
62270 Organization and Construction Management F23
62273 Steel Structures, Design and Execution F23
62276 Road and railway design F23
62277 Water and climate adaption F23
62279 Building and Infrastructure Project 2 F23
62280 Natural drainage and water supply F23
62318 Building Construction F23
62328 Civil Infrastructure Engineering F23
62362 Multi Storey Buildings of Concrete F23
62365 Construction Pits F23
62366 Road construction and rainwater management F23
62369 Advanced mechanical installations F23
62381 Traffic and Transport Planning F23
62383 Construction Pits and Port Construction F23
62410 CDIO-Project F23
62413 Advanced object oriented programming using C# and .NET F23
62417 Mobile Application Development with Swift F23
62450 Information technology 2 F23
62452 Bio-medical electronics 2 F23
62454 Healthcare Science 2 F23
62501 Linux Server and Network F23
62514 Object-oriented programming F23
62517 Medical Imaging Systems F23
62518 Applied medical statistics F23
62521 Design-build project F23
62560 Standards, Safety and Quality in the Healthcare System F23
62575 Security in Embedded Systems F23
62577 Data Communication F23
62589 Business Intelligence F23
62597 Backend development, operations and distributed Systems F23
62604 Thermodynamics and energy technology F23
62616 Plastics technology F23
62620 Sustainable Management of Materials F23
62629 Heat and Mass Transfer F23
62640 Freight and Transport Logistics F23
62646 Modeling and Programming F23
62657 Fluid Mechanics F23
62669 Statistical Analysis and Datavisualisation F23
62683 Mechanical Engineering Design F23
62695 Materials and manufacturing F23
62704 Electric machines F23
62708 High voltage F23
62711 Digital systems, design of F23
62716 Digital Control Systems F23
62732 Analogue electronics F23
62734 Data technique and programming F23
62735 Advanced Mathematics for diploma Electro Technology F23
62756 Power electronics in energy systems F23
62761 Power Engineering 2 F23
62764 Electrotechnique 2 F23
62767 Electrical Energy Systems F23
62770 Applied electrical engineering F23
62774 Electrophysics 2 F23
62784 Design/build project for electrical production, supply and maintanance F23
62798 Geometric Operations in Plane and Space F23
62800 Introduction to mechatronics and robotics systems F23
62999 Innovation Pilot F23
62T01 Basic Object Oriented Programming F23